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Christmas break up / Best train journey ever!

Colos Short and Curlies

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Fun and games on the 6:45 Llanelli to Swansea journey today.


Guy with a comedy ringtone (and very loud voice) having the mother of all barneys with his missus down the phone.


Gist of it was that he had been working until 2, then gone to TESCO to get some last minute present fillers for her family and lugged himself on to a train for a 6 hour journey to Manchester. Only problem was that his missus wanted an extra 5 minutes in bed and missed her connecting train to Cardiff and he would have to wait for 3 hours for her at said station.


3 phone calls in the expletive deletives were flying, she was a stupid fat cow and there was no way he was waiting for her. Basically told her he was going to turn round and go to spend christmas with his parents and she could swivel.


One further phone call, he told her she could pick her stuff up from hi in the new year, he never wanted to see her again and she could go **** herself.Opened a bottle of whiskey (from TESCO), quick swig and then got off at Swansea to get the next train back west.


Better entertainment than Reggie and Ferne on radio 1 I tell ya.

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