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Lockwood Cup 2021 - poll in OP

Lockwood Cup 2021  

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  1. 1. Which Saturday in Autumn can you make it? (Select all that apply)

  2. 2. Format, in the event we get 20+? (Select one)

    • Two teams default (one match, classic Red vs Blue)
    • Tournament (four team league, six games)
  3. 3. Accessibility! If you selected 'Tournament', should we include a walking game? (Select one)

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I'll be there, assuming my knee hasn't been operated on before then. 


Keen to discuss a tweak to the format. Tournament style with four teams of 5 would be my preference; 6 matches total. Maybe increase the booking to 90 minutes as opposed to an hour so there's less pressure on finding minutes for everyone, and enables us to spend a bit of time switcherooing between games. Could even include a walking match among the schedule to accommodate those carrying injuries. Four teams also gives said crocks more opportunities to go in goal. 

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Of course but let's be optimists. :pow:


Let's raise a date or two and then see how many we can get. 


If we're looking at October again then I'm fine for all but the first weekend. Newcastle at home on the 17th and 30th, if that matters these days. 

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Aye my participation would be entirely dependent on either a new format or a total re-shuffle of the teams. Last game was a bit of a joke in terms of the balance between the sides.


Although actually that was Red vs Blue. I don't really know what the difference is tbh.



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Up for a game as always under any format. Just needs to fall on a date I’m free.


Going off last few years 7v7 usually the simple solution but happy with 4x5 etc. 11v11 not so keen on TBH but wouldn’t stop me.


Whatever the format the teams need to be matched closer. I said before last game the way it was going to go and was probably even worse.



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I'm a maybe at this stage. Totally depends on work and family commitments as I live in the North-West - would be great to meet up with you all.


In terms of ability, I'm below-average at best so don't expect any fireworks from a newbie. :lol:

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