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Lockwood Cup 2021 - poll in OP

Lockwood Cup 2021  

79 members have voted

  1. 1. Which Saturday in Autumn can you make it? (Select all that apply)

  2. 2. Format, in the event we get 20+? (Select one)

    • Two teams default (one match, classic Red vs Blue)
    • Tournament (four team league, six games)
  3. 3. Accessibility! If you selected 'Tournament', should we include a walking game? (Select one)

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No - I'm not saying that, I'm saying it would be nice/brilliant for folks to meet up rather than a 95% dispersal rate after the game/Duncow. Doesn't have to be a game, only that's what's brought people together in the past as like a focal point.

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Reasonable chance non-league clubs will be admitting fans by then so going to a NL game could be an option.


Interesting shout :thup: Not fancy getting on the pitch? Would be good to see you and have you on board.

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Guest Howaythetoon

Can't make this year unfortunately, sorry. Blues will probably fare better with my absence anyway. :lol:


You’re a good player what you on about, Stiffler will miss kicking you as well...

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