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MLB 2022

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On 13/08/2021 at 11:29, cubaricho said:


Love this kind of stuff. Would definitely be of interest to our new UK-based fans too, really gets into some nitty gritty stuff about the pitcher/catcher relationship.


This is a perfect example of baseball in microcosm, a bunch of in depth shit happens, it's fairly fascinating, and then ultimately it goes nowhere as the batter flies out anyway [emoji38]


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15 minutes ago, B-more Mag said:

Last night I dreamed that we ended our session with fewer than 100 losses. Hilarious trolling, dreams.


Reminds me of our dark decade of suck. I'm more excited about this current Blue Jays team than the Bautista years. We have an amazing core of players, like generational talent in their early 20's. 


The O's and Jay's were both playoff teams 5 years ago......I've been where you're at now, fellow bird team fan. :)

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