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UK Politics: Generation Tory

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Just now, neesy111 said:

No doubt Bojo will use the takeover as a action of levelling up.

I swear I saw a post in the takeover thread last night praising him and this as part of his levelling up process. I hope it was sarcasm because otherwise :anguish:

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17 hours ago, 54 said:


It astonishes me the lack of self awareness politicians have :lol: 

He's a Tory, I don't think a Labour MP would be as dense or as insensitive considering what these cunts have just imposed on the lowest paid workers, to make Britain Great Again.

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14 hours ago, Klaus said:


:spit: :spit: wasn't expecting that




The Jeremy Vine show is the most bizarre radio 'phone-in' I've ever heard. Compounded by the fact that most of the callers are middle-aged, 'Daily Mail' style complainers.

Every day a new 'What the fuck did they just say!?' caller, egged on by Vine's lack of self-awareness.

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British Gas quoting 14p+ for a 1yr contract for one of my customers gas meters. Its 15p+ if they want to pay by cash or cheque. :(


Loads of suppliers are now refusing to quote until at least April 2022.

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Just had a bloke on the phone asking what to do about his gas contract as he is now out of contract.


He's a tiny user in his shop and he wants to wait it out and take the temporary hit.


Ive told that makes sense if Nord Stream 2 comes online soon and this winter isnt a harsh one but, its a risk.


What a shit show.

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