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UK Politics: Generation Tory

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6 minutes ago, Matt said:


We already have this in effect and it's regressive. If you live and work in a lower cost of living area then you will enjoy a higher standard of living (wages and expenses being relative) before hitting a tax threshold than someone in a high-cost area. You are proposing to make this even more acute for those in low pay but living in high cost areas?


Dividing the country up into these parcels would be an impossible task. I earned a decent wage in London but lived in a relatively cheap area, I don't see why I should have got a tax break while someone earning less but living in Chelsea would have to pay more.


I disagree, a shite wage is a shite wage, marginally worse on London, but the compensations there are life chances, culture, infrastructure, transport etc.

Someone on low wages in a Northern, or Scottish, or Northern Irish, or Midlands or Welsh town have the worst lives of anyone in our country, and that can't be allowed to carry on.

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Do people on low wages in central Newcastle have a better time of it than people up in the Durham backwaters? Probably, should those people have a different rate of tax? Where do you draw the line? It's just unmanageable and would create perverse outcomes.


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Posted in our great and glorious football forum, but gonna post it here too




HM Revenue and Customs has struck a deal to relocate tax officials into a new office complex in Newcastle owned by major Conservative party donors through an offshore company based in a tax haven, the Guardian can reveal.


The department’s planned new home in the north-east of England is part of a regeneration scheme developed by a British Virgin Islands (BVI) entity controlled by the billionaire property tycoons David and Simon Reuben.


The deal will see officials at the government department responsible for preventing tax avoidance working from a site owned by a subsidiary of a company based in a secretive offshore tax jurisdiction.


The Reuben brothers, their family members and businesses have donated a combined £1.9m to the Tories. Earlier this week, the brothers are reported to have shared a table with Boris Johnson at an exclusive Tory party fundraising dinner.


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It looks like incompetence but its all part of the plan. Let something happen, kick up a fuss about it, look to solve it but then make remarks in the press that piss off the other side, then blame the other side for not fixing it. Its worked for years so why would they change?

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