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The Current-Gen Thread (PS5, Xbox Series X)

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Most TV's can only output to 60hz in anycase.  So while it should get above 60fps in the next gen, most won't see the benefit.


Don’t quite follow what you are trying to say here? Screen output doesn’t have anything to do with FPS the games run at its how well they are optimised and programmed within their means. Sorry if I’m missing something obvious what you are explaining.


If the hardware doesn’t allow for example full resolution at highest frame rate I’d much rather have 1080/60FPS than 4K/30FPS for the majority of games. Ideally I’d like it as standard on consoles that you have the option to decide what you can sacrifice for frame rate and resolution.


I’ve no experience of seeing something run at 120fps. Visually can you tell from 60 to 120 as obvious as you can 30 to 60?



Yes, but if you have a game running at 120fps but you only have a 60hz screen while the game will perform better you won't see the benefit of that because the screen is bottlenecked at refreshing at 60 times a second while the game is pumping out frames at 120 times a second.


Yes, the difference is pretty substantial from the demos I've seen, hence why if you have a high end PC gaming rig, then you need to spend good money on a monitor.


Yes you are correct as well with the 1080P/60FPS to 4k/30fps.  My PS4 Pro runs a few games at 60fps in 1080p on the gaming monitor I have and it makes a good difference.  I don't k

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I understand now. You were talking as if next gen 120FPS is to be standard :thup:


I’m of the mindset that everything will be 60FPS minimum. I still have doubts they’ll achieve 120FPS regularly as for some reason Devs get pushed into greater resolution over frame rate. Hence me arguing the decision to be put in the hands of the consumer.

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There is a relationship between FPS and Hz, as if your display is limited to 60Hz and you're getting 120FPS out of your game, you're not seeing 60 of those frames due to the display limitation. So it's somewhat worthless for a playstation to go above 60fps, as the vast majority of displays they'll connect to will be limited to 60Hz.


Agree on the 2nd point. A few games do this nowadays IIRC. Basically giving you a dumbed down graphics setting of SEXY QUALITY vs SEXY PERFORMANCE.


It very much depends on the game. I believe it is very noticeable on competitive shooters.

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ffs just wrote all that out without seeing neezy's newpage. cock.


:lol: It won’t concern you anyway you’ve got a top spec PC :lol:


Even when I was in the industry early 90’s getting a game to update every frame was what sorted out the men from the boys in programming terms. The programming teams that could had quite often come from the “Demo” scene where technical boundaries were being pushed all the time. Likes of Thailon on the Atari ST and Team 17 on the Amiga being the obvious picks.


Just scratch my head that it isn’t the core basic requirement for games 30yrs later. Guess FPS doesn’t look good on the back of a box or magazine :lol:



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There's definitely a difference between 60 & 120 like, but I think it's only really noticeable in games that benefit from frame-perfect inputs like Rocket League. It does genuinely make you better at the game than someone similarly skilled playing at 60fps though.


60fps is fine for the majority of games however and should be the standard next gen IMO. Anything below that takes me ages to get used to since I generally play on a good PC with a preference towards performance in games. I played Bloodborne again recently which often dips below 30fps and the first hour was actually physically painful until my eyes adapted.

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