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Connecting Android box to soundbar


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Hi all,


Not really sure what way to do this and don't want to waste money on cables that would turn out to be useless.


I have an android box and a Samsung soundbar and want to connect them up to get the good sound on the box. The only output on the Android Box is AV and the only input on the Soundbar is AUX or Optical. Tried an aux lead between the two and it half worked but the sound isn't right. Boom box doesn't work for example.


Anyone have any ideas?

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Otherwise you’re gonna need something stupid like:




Where you connect your devices to this thing, then HDMI out to TV and optical to soundbar.


And using AUX will lose you several sound channels, you’d have to set your devices to stereo audio. Optical is up to 5.1 surround sound I believe (equivalent of 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer, which your soundbar will likely mimic)

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Does your TV have an optical out? You may be able to work it that way. Also, you say “AV”, I assume this means HDMI?


No it has a HDMI port which is hooked up but the only other place left to connect a lead is an AV port. It looks similar to an AUX port but it's not.


TV does have an optical out port, but doesn't give any sound at all when I connect it into the soundbar. Soundbar only seems to work for me when the device, such as the PS4 or Sky box etc. is plugged directly into the soundbar.


The product you sent does look like it could still work mind.

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