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Other games (2021/22)

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5 hours ago, Optimistic Nut said:

Said last season I felt Brighton were a goalscorer away from being a top 10 team. If Maupay steps up and becomes that then fair play.


Potter is quality, isn't he. He is going to be the next Rodgers or even a better version of Rodgers. Brighton play like a top 4 team and barring injuries or loss of form to key players, should be in the top 10. 

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Think he's a top manager. Best English manager at the moment for sure. Thoughtful, articulate, and has a real plan as to how he wants his teams to play.


How fucking depressing to be jealous of fucking Brighton.

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Sol always looks so fucking miserable man, don’t know why they have him on, aside from ticking a box, looks like he wants to he anywhere else and is ready for an argument at any minute. They didn’t cut to him after speaking to Keane and Souness at one point and you saw him look to the side and get pissed off.

Such a chip on his shoulder and comes across like a right dickhead

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