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The other games today 2020/21

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4 minutes ago, Tsunami said:

Fulham have been awful.

I said this as my argument a couple of weeks ago for why we would be ok, with the fact that both Fulham and West Brom just weren’t good enough. We actually have double the points I thought we would get over the last 6 games, but I still felt it would be enough as just couldn’t see the other two doing anything.



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I haven't sat and watched Fulham all season, if tonight is anything to go by, in a must win game, I don't know what any of us were worried about. I've never seen such an impotent squad in my life, defence like sieve too. Horrific game to watch.

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7 minutes ago, Dancing Brave said:

I wonder if Fulham keep Parker as manager next season. 

Be interesting, when I looked on their forums recently the majority of the fans want him gone. Unless you’re Ashley’s club, when the support want you gone, it’s only a matter of time before you are.

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