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Sean Connery RIP


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For me it was his cameo in Time Bandits.

I was 15, I think, and when he kills the minotaur and removes the helmet, and you go 'Fucking hell, it's Sean Connery!'

Nobody commanded a screen presence like him.


Great shout, that was exactly how it felt. Like he’d been beamed in from another universe. Which he kinda had.


He was perfect in The Rock. The Hill too.


Sorely tempted to go watch Zardoz again. I will need drugs.

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The BBC have released his obituary pretty rapidly https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-13087132


Wonder if they knew it was coming


They’ve explained this before as they got criticised for this once. They have an obituaries department whose job is to write obituaries of famous living people.


I'm sure I read that they have had rehearsals for when the queen pops it.

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The best Bond for me, grew up on his films as young as I am.


Unquestionably. Obviously he was the first and set the mould. Every other iteration has been a response to the character's place in time, which hasn't always worked. Moore was good at first, but he became the Hai Karate guy. The rest have all been a bit meh! I get the love for Craig as he is another reflection of our times, but I don't find the character particularly interesting for our times.


It sits with the Carry on Films in that the idea was wonderfully executed first time around but I wouldn't want either for these times. If that makes sense.

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