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53 minutes ago, ToonArmy1892 said:

The "rules" have been stupid, you had to wear a mask when walking around a pub, but not when at a table, because like, it doesn't spread at a table but it does around tables, just ridiculous stuff.


Like i say, i had been going along with it, i wasn't going around licking door handles.


It's the constant contradictions, mixed messaging and stupid guidance that has made alot of people sceptical now, if they weren't already.







Please sir, think for a second. It feels like you just type stuff without actually thinking at times. While I don't think it was/is an effective strategy, this ''doesn't it spread at a table?''-comment is just ridiculous. When you are sitting at a table you are most probably sitting with people within your group of friends/network, this makes it easier to trace the infection in case your group gets infected. If you are walking in a restaurant and spread it to someone you don't know at all it will be more difficult to track and trace where the infection came from and there's an increased (albeit probably small, haven't read any studies on this) risk of starting several chains of infections. That's also why there are distancing rules on tables etc. 

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29 minutes ago, loki679 said:

I actually kind of agree with TA1892 on this.  The rules were not only a bit stupid, they were very badly communicated and contributed to the spread of the virus.

As Cummings has pointed out, what Johnson had in mind, was much, much worse...


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On 22/07/2021 at 14:14, alijmitchell said:

Love it when people prefix Facebook posts with "Wake up people!" - conspiracunt bingo right there


Try reading the post as a version of Chop Suey by System of a Down if it starts with Wake Up.




New Covid variant being investigated according to PHE.

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It's staggering how badly the Gov have fucked this up from a positive of the vaccine results. Just keep making the same mistakes over and over again. 


Fucked the early pandemic but luck or judgement rescued it with vaccines then pissed that away by being dumb again. 


Tories support business with everything except good governance.


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