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In Memoriam - non-football edition

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So gutted, obviously for him, but also just the idea that we'll never see him in anything new. Very few actors actually draw me towards something, particularly in TV land, but he certainly was one of the few that did. 

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One of the few celeb deaths that actually made me feel a little sick instead of just sad. guy was a goddamn institution.


Every conan appearance was genius.

His "anti-roast" of Bob Saget - which took an entire dais of great comedians so by surprise that you could the realization slowly spread on the stage like sunrise stretching over a landscape, is monumental.

Weekend Update has never been the same.

His heartfelt last appearance on Letterman. Goddamn.


man :(

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19 minutes ago, Shak said:

This whole appearance was incredible but man he just kills everyone with his comeback to Conan here :lol:




:lol: Genuinely remember watching that as it aired and pissing myself.

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