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In Memoriam - non-football edition

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3 hours ago, BottledDog said:

James Richard Steinman. RIP.

:lol: (and R.I.P.) (but also fuck you for enabling Meatloaf) (but mostly R.I.P.) (I suppose)



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new page insulting the recently deceased

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Lovely words from his dad and the people who knew him about his outlook and optimism on life. Sounds a really decent and selfless human. 

Didn't realise he played for my nephews football club either. Christ. RIP kidda.

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2 hours ago, Joey Linton said:

Lisa Shaw from Bbc radio has died aged 44.

That's horrible news. I listen to radio Newcastle every day at work and Lisa Shaw was on from 10 -2. She was on the radio only this week but has had a few odd days off lately as she wasn't feeling well. 


Such sad news. RIP.

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