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In Memoriam - non-football edition

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36 minutes ago, Lazarus said:

His own jokes were great but I remember him best for his reaction to Joe Wilkinsons poem.



I loved that and his rectum of the year bit.

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35 minutes ago, Dokko said:


1st 18 series until 2015 (apparently - haven't fact checked it- BBC news)


He was still doing the Countdown edition as recently as last year.

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12 minutes ago, thomas said:

Tremendously sad news. The clip compilation of he and Miles Jupp is stupendous and he was hilarious.

Yep him and Miles are brilliant together

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2 hours ago, joeyt said:

Sean Lock has died. Absolutely gutted


That's hit me for six that, really sad, tremendously funny man. 


His "TV Heaven, Telly Hell" show (think it's still on Youtube) was an obscure favourite of mine. RIP.

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