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Steve Bruce (now unemployed)

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4 hours ago, Ed210 said:

Could today be the day Bruce falls upon his sword?

and give up on a paid all-inclusive holiday to portugal this week?

no way.

he'll wait till he comes back.

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6 hours ago, Dr Jinx said:

Someone had a 90k bet yesterday that Bruce would be next to go.. 

Unless it was Ashley or Bruce who placed that it’s a shocker of a bet. Bruce is hanging on for his bit and Ashley ain’t doing anything until Arbitration is decided, why pay the contract up if there’s any chance he can sell?

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2 hours ago, Happinesstan said:

The Man With the Bacon Bun


From Denmark With Love


Coaching Licence to Kill (his own teams)


Original title of which was Licence Revoked, which is exactly what needs to happen to this radge for football's sake.


*Had a personal vendetta against an Hispanic bloke, spent the film wasting a horrible b*stards fortunes, literally throwing it away at times, and posing as something he wasn't. Life imitates art



Edited by Wolfcastle

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27 minutes ago, Optimistic Nut said:

Ranieri favourite?




Was thinking the same.


More chance of him being appointed and fired, before Charnley springs into action and starts calling round on his special animal noises telephone.


"What's that Mr Moo Moo? I don't understand. Can you start a week on Monday or not?"

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