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Steve Bruce (now unemployed)

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Luke Edwards




Whatever your problem with him is it’s done. He’s going. There really is no need to keep saying you don’t like him. He kept club up for two years. Without that this takeover wouldn’t have happened. It’s taken a huge toil on him as you can tell in the interview


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Now he’s getting sacked we can just move on and he becomes irrelevant rather than a continued target of abuse. 

I don’t like or rate him and wish he’d walked ages ago, but I still don’t feel comfortable about abuse, at least now he’s going and won’t be our problem anymore. Can you really call out social media and it’s followers when celebrities take their lives but justify abuse when it’s your manager really? Find this a pretty conflicting issue because I can’t stand the bloke but at the same time he’s still a human. 



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57 minutes ago, LV said:

Hope Edwards follows him out 


I accept most media is shite but he's the one 'journalist' I genuinely wish would have any press privileges revoked. Admitted he loves to wind the fans up and has no genuine care for the club aside from his ol' buddy ol' pal that gives him enough sound bites to keep him relevant.


Hopefully on Bacon Boy's exit Edwards stays firmly attached attached to his rectum to ride off in the sunset with him.


Shame blocking him on Twitter doesn't stop me from seeing his utter drivel when it's unjustly given bandwidth on here. 



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If our new owners have had someone monitoring forums, Twitter etc then Edwards will be fucked. He’s supported Ashley and Bruce, trolled supporters and generally been negative of the takeover since it was first mooted. 

I would think he’ll be replaced by a better journalist as our profile grows but I’d hope he gets fucked off straight away by our our pr team publicly using the reasons above. 

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15 hours ago, Ashley17 said:

All the record books thought the last game was 1000 but Bruce was at pains to point out his first game at Birmingham he wasn't quite in charge or something (much like his last 30 or so here).


Blatantly wanted the big 1000 when the game was on Sky in the hope they'd make a big deal out of it. Hopefully he doesn't get that satisfaction.


How is the game where he dragged his Sheffield United team off the pitch after Arsenal scored a dodgy goal and had the game called off factored into this?


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