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There's been torrential rain in Brisbane for some time and there was talk in the lead up as to how ready the pitch would be. Not very, is the clear answer.


Three day Test is my early call.


On 05/12/2021 at 20:43, 54 said:

While they're still going to hammer us, that isnt an 11 that sends shivers down my spine.


Surprised to hear that - it's not often I agree 11/11 with the selectors, but I'm very happy with this team. The bowling lineup might be equal to McGrath-Gillespie-Lee-Warne, while Bus Change and Smith are third and fourth in the all time batting averages.

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Pleased for Woakes and Leach being back in the side. I reckon Robinson will be our best performing bowler across all the tests. Expecting wickets to be hard to come by and think this will be Broad’s last ashes. Hopeful that Hameed can cement his place but my overriding feeling is that we’ll lose all the tests.


Also, Wood needs to stay injury free which is highly unlikely and we need Buttler and Pope to start stringing scores together consistently as both can perform way better than they have previously 



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They can get fucked with this schedule for resting players etc now if that's why Jimmy is not playing, play your best team.  It's imperative we get off to good start.  

Even all of the SkySports crew on the podcast I listened to said basically the same.

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2 hours ago, neesy111 said:

I suspect they are hiding issues with Jimmy's fitness.

Just think they'd rather have him for the day night test tbh especially with the weather

Wouldn't surprise me if they left Leach out the 12 they've picked 😱

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30 minutes ago, GWN said:

I hear there’s rain around Brisbane , we may get a draw here .


I love the Ashes , I’m going to bed early tonight so I get up around 3am and watch a chunk before I go to graft 

Guess 4-0 is better then 5-0 :lol:

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