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  1. I cannae log-in, man!
    If you're struggling to log in, try your most recent username or the email address used with your N-O account. If you're still struggling please email [email protected] and we'll sort you out.


  1. Can I change my username?
    No. Feel free to ask if you'd like a change, but bear in mind that name changes are a bit shit, particularly if you've been around for ages. We like you for you. 
  2. Why's my username been changed?
    It seems that special characters are no longer supported, sorry!
  3. Can I see who posters used to be?
    If you click into a user profile you can click the arrow next to their username to see their previous display names.
  4. I've ended up with multiple accounts over the years, can anything be done to aggregate them?
    Aye, we can now merge accounts. Please email [email protected] to get it sorted.


  1. Why are there fewer threads per page?When we first moved across, the usual amount (~40) was causing some slowness issues. We're trialling and erroring with amounts of threads per page. Feedback on this is welcome but just bear with us until we find that sweet spot. 
  2. What are these notification sounds all about?
    They're a bit annoying, eh? If you want to turn them off, just head here and uncheck the "play a sound box" at the bottom of the page.
  3. The browser notifications are also a bit annoying, aren't they?
    Aye, you can turn them off in the same place as above.
  4. Where is the "new" button?
    Clicking a thread title now takes you straight to your latest unread post, so there's no need for it.
  5. Can I hide people's avatars?
    If you click "Theme" at the bottom of the page, there's a "Safe For Work (SFW)" theme that removes avatars for you.
  6. Is there a way to change to web browser version mobile?
    UPDATE: If you use Chrome, there should be an option in your settings to 'view desktop site'. That should provide you with a version which bears a greater similarity to the older forum. Unsure about other browsers. 
  7. Is Tapatalk coming back?
    No, there's no need for it now we're on better forum software though we appreciate the new mobile view takes some getting used to.
  8. Will there be a N-O app, then?
    You can save the webpage to your smartphone and it will be able to be opened quickly like an app, though will still open in your browser.
  9. Why do embedded Tweets take a while to show?
    It seems to be an issue with Invision software, as it happens on other forums, but we can look into making it a bit quicker.
  10. Will there be an unlike button?
    We're trying to make the forum a bit of a less toxic place, so at the moment that'll be a "no".
  11. Where have nested quotes gone?
    They aren't currently supported by Invision, unfortunately, but are apparently in development.
  12. Can you still click a quote to take you to the original post?
    You can, but it's now a little arrow on the right of the post
  13. Can you do anything else new with quotes?
    You can just quote excerpts now, instead of having to quote the whole post and highlighting the relevant part.
  14. Can you view the desktop version on mobile?
    Not natively, but it seems if you click your browser option to "view as desktop site" on some phones it seems to work.
  15. Why is the font too big/why is the font too small?
    We've had both things said, so we're just going to assume the font size is the same for everyone by default and it's something on your end. :lol:
  16. Can I resize images?
    It seems not, though there shouldn't be any huge ones now because a limit of 900px has been set on them.
  17. Why are there a load of banned members back? 
    Everyone's been given a clean slate due to the new forum software. Use this if you need to: ignore list.
  18. Where's everyone else gone?
    Forum's just been overhauled, it's an international break, there's been no real takeover news for ages, and Steve Bruce is our manager.


  1. Loading issues/speed issues when browsing individual boards/not enough topics on a page
    This is being looked into at the moment and is the top priority for being fixed. We're hoping to get the number of topics on a page back to normal and Branko has kindly suggested some things to check out to help with this, which POOT has corroborated.


  1. Upload images to the forum instead of needing to use URLs.
    This is possible to add, but will add extra weight to the server and therefore file sizes will need to be quite heavily limited. TBC.
  2. Allow a short window of time for people to edit posts without the message needing to show.
    TBC, but maybe not.
  3. Add a way to jump back to the forum index at the bottom of the page on mobile (breadcrumb like on desktop version).
    TBC, but was useful on old forum.
  4. Add a dark mode
    Being worked on as a new theme, but not a priority.
  5. Make light mode "less light"
    TBC :lol:
  6. Add the 95/96 away kit to be the icon for general chat
    TBC, but seems unlikely.
  7. Bring back house of the banned
  8. Bring back signatures and custom titles
    Think custom titles are back, TBC on signatures.
  9. Disable "show thread starter banner" at top of pages to save on space
  10. Make "edited by" more subtle
  11. Quick jump to bottom of page
  12. Make ignored posts even less obvious
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44 minutes ago, Yorkie said:

Any queries, just give us a shout. But not me. I couldn't even tell you what URL stands for.


but aye, feel free to stick any questions, bug reports or bits of feedback in here!

oh and just so people know, the Unread Content and Search functions are going to be janky until the import is fully processed. It'll be fine in about 2 days.

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56 minutes ago, SEMTEX said:

i liked your post. where is your avatar? did they lose it? my gif has shit the bed.

At first I assumed the three people I saw post had already reuploaded theirs. 

I guess I just have another reason to hate this change foisted on me by Big Admin

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wew i was just hangin on this page thinkin of something class to type and then @Thomson Mouse posted and my browser went bEeop boop, and said "new post by thomson mouse", and then I refreshed the page and there was a new post by thomson mouse. I hate it.


am jokin lads calm down. its nice.

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  • Yorkie changed the title to New forum stuff. THERE ARE FAQs IN THE OP.
  • Rich changed the title to New forum stuff

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