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NFL 2021: Playoffs

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2 hours ago, cubaricho said:

This is so, so bad. Injuries have fucked us this season.


The losses of Hamler and Jeudy have killed the offense. Think the plan was lots of quick passes and those two being run after catch machines. Without them the offense just looks slow and predictable, Sutton looks a shell of his former self and Fant just hasn't progressed like they'd hoped.


I like Teddy, he's done better than I ever expected, but those limitations with his arm are absolutely killer once it gets to third down and the D knows it's a pass play.


The defense isn't bad but I dunno, they just never look to me like they're gonna make the play when they need to. Kyle Fuller looks like he's finished, so many big plays against him this season. I hope when Darby gets back it's him and Surtain on the outside at CB.


Starting to feel like Fangio just doesn't have it to be a good HC. The team seems poorly coached, when you don't have a top QB you can't afford to be sloppy and there are too many head scratching things each week. One of the Pitt TDs today came a few plays after a huge play by Claypool where he was in man coverage with Von Miller. The fuck do you have Von on a WR? Shurmur at OC hasn't been good, the ST has been a disaster and apparently Fangio really wanted to keep the coordinator even though he'd had two awful years.


I dunno, maybe an overreaction but the last two weeks haven't been good. Baltimore handed them their ass and then they were embarrassing today until they almost pulled a win out of their arse once the gameplan was abandoned. The carry on from Fangio in the media after Baltimore was embarrassing too.


Might be time to really get back into Newcastle. :lol:

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6 minutes ago, Shak said:

Might be time to really get back into Newcastle.


I'm ready for it, watched the 2001-2002 season review DVD yesterday and still have the two following seasons on the shelf. Anxious about the Spurs game, have no idea if I can care again right away. :lol:

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16 minutes ago, leffe186 said:


Not half as stupid as the refs. One of the worst DPI calls I have ever seen…on 4th and 4 when we’re up by seven. Won them the game right there. Utter bullshit.



I missed it, would be joining the bandwagon otherwise. :lol:


Lot of the officiating is so questionable. It's 2021 and games can be decided by which side's ref gets the ball first. Would some chip technology on the ball really be too much to ask? Respecting the call on the field can also be so fucking stupid if the ref who made the call had no idea what happened. Insufficient video evidence due to some huge arse maybe blocking the view and they stay with the call on the field despite the zeeb having no idea. And yes, I'm still salty about the Bengals loss. :lol:

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7 hours ago, leffe186 said:

My last word. The officiating for that second half was absolutely disgraceful. Multiple shitty calls, yet it was a great game. But when there’s one terrible, match-deciding call, it colors the whole thing. Got an awful taste in my mouth.

The Saints say hello :lol:

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