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NFL 2021: Playoffs

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9 minutes ago, Mike said:

Starting his shit up in fucking October.


Gonna be in his den dressed like Marky Mark in the fucking Departed if he fucks our season with his shit.


I legitimately like this Bills team and would be happy for you and a number of other Bills fans I know.


I understand football has been cruel to you and such an outlook towards another team is hard to really get your head around :lol:


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Well I cancelled the trade myself. :lol: A few moaners so didn't want that being an excuse when I win the thing. 


Perfectly fine trade. The ones putting the complaints in are the ones you would expect. Also bitched about a Leffe trade but I refused to veto it since we're all grown men and can make our own decisions. 

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I choose you as my heir and you drop your arse under the first bit of caterwauling from Flip and his fellow hystericals?


Keep your head down, say nothing and get the trade through. They’ll spend a month sifting through rubble and by the time they figure out what went wrong you’ll be sitting on a beach, earning twenty per game.”




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