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NFL 2021 - War Elephants.yao

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8 hours ago, Shak said:

I mean, who wants that?


Take Ed Sheeran out of the equation, pretend it's a musician that isn't shite.


Can't imagine seeing an NFL jacket with any musician's name on it and not thinking it's fucking stupid as fuck.

James Brown works, tbh.

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11 hours ago, Mike said:

Brady is unreal. The cunt.


Just saw the highlights. The prick knows how to pick a team [emoji38] Godwin, AB and Evans ffs. With that O-Line. Probably doesn't even need to get his jersey drycleaned after that.


Dak looks good from what I saw - that pass which Lamb juggled for the pick, mamma mia.

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Dude was slinging it, man. Didn't even look 40. Looked 23. He's gonna play until the sun dies the fucking prick. Wheat grass and tofu my dick. He's getting Chimera  adrenaline shot into his taint.

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On 04/09/2021 at 11:31, B-more Mag said:


They're going to be joining the Big 12, right? The periodic conference realignments are freaky. Still feels wrong for Maryland not to be in the ACC.


UCF accepted the Big 12 invitation today. Stoked.

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On 11/09/2021 at 01:28, Kaizero said:

They've sorted a lot, if not most, of their issues.


I think they'll be involved in a lot of shootouts, Dan Quinn is a good DC but I'm not sure they'll be very good.


Think them and Washington will be a good battle for the division.

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10 minutes ago, Chrisjraby said:

Were WFT not supposed to be choosing a new permanent name before the start of this season, or did I just imagine that?




Members had a vote over these names in April:




Wild Hogs


Capital City Football Club














DC Football Club



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