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NFL 2021 - War Elephants.yao

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5 minutes ago, cubaricho said:

Broncos need to get it the fuck together here. 


Their TD drive had a ridiculous penalty to extend the drive.


Since then Sutton has been absolutely mauled early by the DB on deep shots and no call either time.


Feels like one of those games :lol:

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11 minutes ago, cubaricho said:

Well we got almost a half of football with Miller and Chubb together. 😢


Really sad to see how it's gone for Chubb, so many injuries.


Hopefully he'll get healthy at some point but even then you have to wonder if the ship has sailed on him becoming the player he looked as a draft prospect.


Fifth overall in a strong QB class was considered a slide for him in the draft, everyone thought he'd go second or fourth to NYG or CLE. He wasn't quite up there with Myles Garrett or Chase Young as a prospect, but wasn't far off that.

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Just now, cubaricho said:

There we fucking go. That’s how you come out and make a statement. 


Teddy Bridgewater throwing an absolutely perfect ball 50+ yards in the air to hit the receiver in stride...


What a time to be alive :lol:


Chubb and Jewell both look like they'll be out a while though, both huge losses. Jewell has been great the first two games at LB.

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