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NFL 2022

Tomato Deuce

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8 hours ago, cubaricho said:


Every time we play them I'm always blown away by how many times they target him. He's fucking good though and it's frustrating as fuck. :lol:


It's not a great division with him and Kelce. Fant is still well back but I could see him becoming close to a top five guy at TE too in the next couple of years.


Makes the draft pick of Surtain so interesting. By all accounts they're gonna use him as essentially a LB when we play the Chiefs and Raiders and put him on Kelce or Waller. At 6ft 2' he's quite big for a CB, it'll be really interesting to watch.


I remember Belichick doing it with Talib for the Patriots against the Saints when Jimmy Graham was right at the peak of his powers. Just shadowed him all game, was such an awesome matchup to watch.

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Sima takes a commanding lead after Week 1, the only person to get all three picks right and hit the double up.


Scores after Week 1 are as follows, scoring picks listed.


Sima 23 (Saints-Dolphins-Raiders)
Si 7.5 (Raiders-Dolphins)
Cuba 7 (Texans-Raiders)
Adam 6.5 (Cardinals-Eagles)
Mojo 6.5 (Eagles-Cardinals)
Deuce 6.5  (Texans -Saints)
Bmore 6 (Dolphins-Cardinals)
Shak 4.5 (Raiders)
Ameritoon 4.5 (Raiders)
Beren 4.5 (Raiders)
Kaizero 4.5 (Raiders)
Pata 3 (Dolphins)
Leffe 3 (Cardinals)
Midds 2.5 (Texans)
Froggy 2.5 (Texans)


Week 2 lines to follow shortly.

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Week 2 

GIANTS (+3) @ Football Team
RAIDERS (+5.5) @ Steelers
Bills @ DOLPHINS (+3.5)
BENGALS (+3) @ Bears
Broncos @ JAGUARS (+6)
TEXANS (+12.5) @ Browns
Rams @ COLTS (+4)
Patriots @ JETS (+5.5)
Saints @ PANTHERS (+3.5)
49’ers @ EAGLES (+3.5)
FALCONS (+11.5) @ Buccaneers
VIKINGS (+4.5) @ Cardinals
COWBOYS (+2.5) @ Chargers
TITANS (+5.5) @ Seahawks
Chiefs @ RAVENS (+3.5)
LIONS (+11.5) @ Packers

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11 minutes ago, B-more Mag said:



Trying to win this thing right here and now.


Would be 72 points with the double up. :lol:



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Fuck off

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