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NFL 2022

Tomato Deuce

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On 10/01/2021 at 02:20, cubaricho said:


No idea about the measurement conversions on that :lol: but I'd do 2oz bourbon, .75oz lemon juice, .5oz simple, 1 egg white. And I make my simple 2:1 sugar:water, that's the industry standard in these parts. I'd also have some bitters on hand to drop a few drops on the egg white head.


And for the best egg white head, I throw just the egg white into the tin and shake the shit out of it (dry shake is the term). Then I add the other ingredients with the ice and again shake the absolute shit out of it. Then I double fine strain into a coupe but I realize not everyone has those kinds of tools laying around the house.


If you have some open red wine laying about, it's dope to put about .5 oz of that on top after you strain the cocktail into the glass. It's called a New York Sour and it ends up looking really rad and I love the way the red wine dries the whole cocktail out a bit.


Finally got around to making a New York Sour.


Man, that's good shit!

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Fuck your stupid team Beren you stupid cunt.


That a accumulator was gonna buy me a new lob wedge til your lads fucked me.


Pete Carroll man, does he have any other way of standing other than slightly leaned forward with his hands on his his knees looking exasperated?

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