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NFL 2022

Tomato Deuce

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Week 7


Falcons @ DOLPHINS (+2.5)

Panthers @ GIANTS (+3)

BENGALS (+6.5) @ Ravens

Chiefs @ TITANS (+4.5)

JETS (+7) @ Patriots

FOOTBALL TEAM (+9.5) @ Packers

LIONS (+15.5) @ Rams

EAGLES (+3) @ Raiders

BEARS (+13.5) @ Buccaneers

TEXANS (+17) @ Cardinals

COLTS (+3.5) @ 49’ers

Saints @ SEAHAWKS (+5.5)

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2 minutes ago, leffe186 said:



The pitfalls of having an elite pass rusher, I'm afraid. Broncos fans have been losing their shit for a decade about the calls that Von Miller never gets :lol:

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49 minutes ago, leffe186 said:

Shak trying to distract everyone from the heinous umpiring.


Are you REALLY just now becoming aware of the fact that the refs aren't really great at calling holding? :lol:

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Had £5 treble for £31 two weeks ago. £17 treble for £103 last week. Been really pleased with my low key NFL betting.


This weekends bet: £10 on under total 57.5  points Chiefs/Titans, under 47.5 Washington/Packers, over 42.5 Panthers/Giants for £70 back.

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