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NFL 2022

Tomato Deuce

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14 hours ago, Beren said:

Bills-Dolphins which already looked like a banger looks even better from a competitive-game POV with Micah Hyde ruled out and Poyer struggling. 

best case now poywe + jackson + 2 rookie CB's vs. the fastest two wr's in the game more or less lol


von and rest need to show up big time

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2 minutes ago, Lush Vlad said:

I think I read the Bills have blitzed twice. Yet still rack up an insane amount of pressures. I’d expect them to show 


ravens apparently only had two edge rushers and couldn't disrupt tua at all that last quarter, if we can get to him it's still a highly winnable game cause you'd have to imagine we're gonna keep rolling on offence


either way really looking forward to it



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