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  1. 1. We going down then or what? 10 - aye, doomed, no hope of salvation / 5 - can't call it / 0 - nah we're sound, can't wait for next season

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As beneficial as it may seem to be playing second string players , I don't really care. It's all about how we apply ourselves now. Man City fielded a strong side against us and they looked like they were just going through the motions. Largely, down to the fact we showed more desire, passion and fight. I suspect Saturday will be similar if their usual squad are utilised. Youngsters means they have something to prove...


There's pros and cons either way but if we apply ourselves correctly and play to Benitez's plan we will get something.

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40 points is a bridge too far for us, but can see West Brom not winning another game.



4 straight wins- 41 points would keep us up. 3 wins and a draw and 39 points is the min it will take for us to survive imo-  gonna fall short, my real hope is raffa has decided hes staying for a year in the championship to rebuild.

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They need 9points from their 4 games left. Less points if Spurs slip up.


They only need 8.

Can see them beating Swansea and Everton, maybes a draw at best at Manure.


So, need Spuds to lose before they play us: West Brom (H), Chelsea (A), Southampton (H) - Looks like we need to pray Chelsea beat them.

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As expected, Everton and Watford have given up. We're fucked.


Pretty much. For us to stay up I think we'll need to win our last three games as I'm assuming we won't get anything more than a point at best at Anfield. If it was Norwich or Sunderland in that position I'd be feeling pretty confident of our chances. They were lucky to get their games against us right at the beginning of Rafa's stint before his methods had time to make an impact. They were also lucky that Ashley and Charnley were prepared to stick their head in the sand for so long and hope it would turn out okay rather than act and put things right.

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