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  1. 1. We going down then or what? 10 - aye, doomed, no hope of salvation / 5 - can't call it / 0 - nah we're sound, can't wait for next season

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33 minutes ago, Geordie_once_removed said:

I put a 6. 


Yesterday's draw, while disappointing due to the foul on Wilson at the end, is a huge result for us.  It allows the new manager to make a few really needed changes (Clarke, Darlow and Ritchie out Dubravka, Schar/Fernades and Lewis in) but doesn't damage our mindset too much.  I can see a win against Brentford and a few unexpected points in that nasty looking December.  Add a centre back, a midfielder and a striker in January and we'll hopefully be ok.

Brentford are starting to get found out, few injuries aren’t helping them either.

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Under Bruce, I'd have said it was all but nailed on. A 9.


It's odd how having been through two relegations, the number of chances you have to get out of it, and yet how it almost seems impossible to turn things around and actually take them.


But once all the pieces fall into place it just starts to feel inevitable. Those pieces are; a few key injuries, players who look disorganised, unfit, disinterested, understandable negativity / fear coming down from the stands. A manager losing the dressing room, or elements of it, and who looks lost on the touchline, an owner who either doesn't care or understand enough to act.


It had all those elements under Bruce.


But with the takeover, owner, hopefully new manager and fan positivity are all fixed for now. And unlike in Benitez's case, this time with enough time to fix a lot of what's happening on the pitch with the players.


At the moment, I'm down to a 4, and that will drop much further if we do eke out a couple of wins from the next little run of games.

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I just can't see relegation, one of the best English managers around, and a January transfer window with our spending power, we should get out of this. Obviously never say never but under Ashley and Bruce I'd have said it's inevitable, but now, I'd say it's highly unlikely.

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I think it is a huge task to stay up and there is no doubting the next 3 home games are pivotal.


In that time, Watford have the following fixtures:


Man Utd (h)

Leicester (a)

Chelsea (h)

Man City (h)


If we get 7 points for our 3 home games and Arsenal away I'd fancy our chances of being 2 points ahead of them before our horrible December run.


Leeds have the following December fixtures:


Brentford (h)

Chelsea (a)

Man City (a)

Arsenal (h)

Liverpool (a)


Burnley have a horrible January.


As I'm typing this it's fair to say nothing is decided in November. We need to drag ourselves back amongst it with our 3 winnable home games and if we get to January less than 6 points from safety I fancy us.

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8 hours ago, McCormick said:

There’s no chance? Sorry but that’s bordering on delusional.

I said no chance a decent manager who spends in January takes us down.


Howe is a decent manager. Signings in January are inevitable. We’re not going down.


Mind, I feel the same way about people voting anything above a 5. Difference is that I’m perfectly relaxed.

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I'd say 7.


Looking at the table, and the teams, I can't really imagine anyone outside of Norwich, Newcastle, Burnley, Watford, and Brentford being involved. Obviously it's still early days, and a team can get sucked in, and maybe someone like Villa will, given their current run, but there doesn't seem to be too much margin, and Burnley and Dyche will usually find a way.


One thing I was surprised about were some pundits saying bad for Newcastle that Norwich beat Brentford. I know we were temporarily bottom because of it, but I was fully wanting Norwich to beat them when following on Soccer Saturday. Newly promoted side (Brentford), on a bit of a losing streak, and we play them at home next, definitely the best result that Norwich beat them IMO.

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3 minutes ago, Rich said:

Closer to no hope than can’t call it. I will never understand people :lol:

I don’t think Howe is the right choice and I’ve said that numerous times this last week, so I’m not suddenly going to change my mind on that front. I’ve also said I would love nothing more than him to prove me wrong and that he will get my 100% support. 

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