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Group D (Croatia, Czech Republic, England, Scotland)

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Wow Carver at Scotland [emoji38]


England if they click could do some serious damage to this Scotland team you’d imagine!



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Just now, NUFCDoog said:

Doesn’t matter how shit Scotland are they always play out of their skin against England, no chance it’ll be a hammering on Friday 

Yeah, these games are always tight.

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Gutter. Don't think we played too bad overall and the game was pretty even in some ways, but Czechs had quality to score two goals from not particularly good chances and we don't have much attacking quality. Second killed it really, we're not equipped to score 2 goals - we're going to get a 0-0 draw or we're going to nick one.


Have to hope for a win v Croatia and to scrape one of the 3rd place spots now. Not particularly likely, but the potential to get through as third at least means we're not totally killed off.


Some save that too by them when we nearly got an own goal.



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1 hour ago, Inferior Acuña said:

Just seen the goal from another angle, didn't realize Marshall started so far out. Still a great goal but think he's partly invited him.


That said, 99% of the time the guy wouldn't score. 

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3 hours ago, Disco said:

Think that’s goal of the tournament wrapped up. Ridiculous strike.

Yarmolenko’s yesterday was a peach of a curler, but Schick’s was pretty much perfect. Couldn’t have struck it better.

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