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Footage was all in-game apparently.


Also here's a summary of all details provided so far in various interviews etc.


- can be played in 1st & 3rd person

- grounded in scientific reality but "still a game" (there are lasers in a vacuum)

- alien races and planets

- "It's very big"

- takes place over 300 years in our future

- similar to Skyrim in terms of structure

- many factions but the main one is Constellation

- focus on making the game world feel lived-in

- 100's of hours of gameplay

-"NASA-punk": Grittier, more retro-style sci-fi

-Choose a background; "more hardcore RPG than we've done"



In “Starfield” players will join an organization dubbed Constellation, the last group of space explorers



The game's Indiana Jones inspiration comes from its emphasis on exploration and discovery. Starfield is set to be enormous, learning from the longevity of games such as The Elder Scrolls series. Players will have a large degree of control over their character through several elaborate roleplaying features. Howard said, "It's got some really great character systems – choosing your background, things like that. We're going back to some things that we used to do in games long ago that we felt have really let players express the character they want to be. So I think when you see it being played, you would recognize it as something we made."


For me, ‘Starfield’ is the Han Solo simulator. Get in a ship, explore the galaxy, do fun stuff,” 


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8 hours ago, Mike said:

I don't believe a word of it but I'm desperate enough for a good game that I'll let them lie to me for a while.

How long did it take for Skyrim to be playable? You could probably x that time with 20 or something given the size of this fucking thing.

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On 16/06/2021 at 14:51, Mike said:

Is vanilla Skyrim playable with a non stealth archer build? I feel like you have to have at least a few mods running before it's good.


Battlemage was a lot of fun right out of the box, big fuck-off mace in one hand and throwing fireballs with the other, you really can't go wrong with that setup.



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