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SF2: England 2-1 Denmark

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Thought it was a poor decision for their free kick, it’s obvious they were trying to win territory for the strike and Christiansen took a really lame flop, ref bought it. Pickford has let the emotion get to him, otherwise nobody has been too bad but nobody too good. 

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1 minute ago, Joey Linton said:

Did we react ok to going behind, because i read on here at the weekend that we definitely wouldn't. 


Man, you have to bring your cuntishness in to every fucking thread? Give it a rest and enjoy the match. :thup:

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Just now, Disco said:

Mad that Mikel Damsgaard has the face of a twelve year old and the hairline of someone who wants to shag one.


Christ. Reminds me of me at 21 [emoji38]

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  • Mike changed the title to SF2: England 2-1 Denmark

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