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1 minute ago, TK-421 said:


Who was it on here had that unhealthy thing about Staveley, and had a go at her at any opportunity?


Was it 'Penn', who then became 'IMTTS', and eveyone suspected it was Edwards?


Does that confirm it? In a 'positive' takeover piece, he's still having a go at AS.



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So back in June 2020, Matt Slater wrote a really in-depth piece in The Athletic about why the takeover wouldn't proceed because of the piracy aspect, unless there were concessions on Saudi Arabia's side (unblock BeIn, stop allowing piracy, open up courts to prosecute in future, etc.): (https://theathletic.com/1854065/2020/06/08/saudi-arabia-piracy-tv-rights-premier-league-newcastle-united):


So, unlike the vast majority of other journalists, he's at least being consistent by now saying it's set to be completed "in the near future" after this news today.



I'm on board. Where we buying our STs? Strawberry Corner N-O contingent?



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For those who don't want to give a click to the Mail:




THE Saudi takeover of Newcastle United is expected to be approved after the state settled its piracy issues with Premier League broadcaster beIN Sports, sources have told Sportsmail.

Those close to the process have indicated that the removal of all forms of piracy in Saudi and the lifting of a ban on beIN Sports being shown in the country should now pave the way for the £300million deal to be signed off.

The takeover was called off in the summer of 2020 when the buyers - led by Saudi’s Public Investment Fund - were unable to prove separation between themselves and the state, headed by Mohammed bin Salman.

Newcastle owner Mike Ashley opened arbitration proceedings against the Premier League earlier this year and that case was set to be heard in January.

However, sources say there is potentially no need for that to take place after news of the piracy issues being settled.

A source told Sportsmail: ‘If all of this had been done 18 months ago, the takeover would have been signed off.

‘The Premier League could not approve a takeover whereby one of its member clubs would be owned by a state it believed to be guilty of piracy against the League and one of its broadcast partners.

That was why the buyers had to prove separation from the Saudi state. But that was almost impossible, especially given the revelations about Mohammed bin Salman texting Boris Johnson and pressurising him to influence the deal.

‘Now, though, with the issue of piracy resolved, it is unlikely that arbitration is needed. There is no rule which says a state cannot be connected to the ownership of a football club.

‘Piracy was, and always has been, the biggest obstacle to this takeover. There is now very little reason for the Premier League to stop the deal going through.’

We understand as recently as last week beIN Sports sent a list of websites to Saudi officials, informing them of ongoing piracy of their product. Within days all of those websites were shut down.

The Premier League have not commented on the latest development.  

The Saudi-backed takeover hit the buffers last summer and has been the subject of arbitration and legal dispute since the Premier League failed to give it the go ahead.

However, now Toon fans will be rubbing their hands at the prospect of major investment from the new owners. 

beIN Sport had been barred from operating in Saudi Arabia for more than four years, but matches have been screened in the kingdom via a pirate channel, which was allegedly aided by the state.

The latest development raises the prospect of a busy January transfer window at St James Park,  to propel the Magpies up the Premier League table. After another difficult start to a top-flight season, Newcastle currently sit second bottom with three draws and four defeats from seven games. 

According to The Athletic, Saudi Arabia has agreed to remove all pirate websites when informed of them by beIN, while the sports broadcaster is understood to have abandoned a $1 billion lawsuit against the kingdom. 

As a result, Premier League, UEFA and FIFA matches will now be broadcast legally in the country.

The consortium that attempted to complete the takeover, which also included Amanda Staveley and the Reuben Brothers, ended its bid when the Premier League failed to give its approval in summer last year.

The top flight concluded that the involvement of the Saudi state investment fund would mean that members of the country’s government would become directors and therefore subject to the owners and directors’ test.

This was disputed by the consortium and the matter was sent to arbitration, which after long delay was due to take place from January 3.

But it now appears arbitration will be dropped and the deal is set to go through. 

The case has been highly charged politically, reaching to the very top of Government.

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman was so enraged about the Premier League's stance on the takeover last year that he warned Prime Minister Boris Johnson that Anglo-Saudi relations would be damaged unless the buyout was approved.

Bin Salman urged Mr Johnson to 'correct and reconsider' a 'wrong' decision by the Premier League. The PM asked senior No 10 aide Lord Eddie Lister, a Middle East expert, to take up the complaint. Lord Lister said he would 'investigate'.

In a separate move, Ashley's company, St James' Holdings, filed an anti-competition lawsuit against the Premier League earlier this year as the club's incumbent owner sought to ratchet up the pressure on the top flight.

That case was considered last week at the Competition Appeals Tribunal, a specialist court that hears cases involving competition or economic regulatory issues.

Mr Justice Miles, who chaired the tribunal, set no time frame for a ruling in the matter, which was expected after the outcome of the Premier League arbitration.

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🚨🇸🇦 | The Saudis are willing to restart negotiations with Mike Ashley for Newcastle United.

However, there are 'lingering concerns around the £300 million price-tag previously demanded by #NUFC'.

[@TeleFootball] https://t.co/46gDr7lMI7



This doesn't sound too positive.... It fits in to the CAT CASE claiming Ashley has lost out on money, I do not see Ashley accepting a reduced offer of less than the £300million original unless the CAT CASE goes ahead and he is reimbursed the difference as lost money.

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