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PIF, PCP, and RB Sports & Media

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2 minutes ago, STM said:

Depends on the contract. Whether we can buy it out or whatever.


Be prepared in Invest in Saudi or something on our shirts.


Probs Aramco


The company that does loads of F1 sponsorship...



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Does the club DJ take requests?

Dunno if this has been suggested, but it might be nice for N-O to ask for a tune dedicated to Mandypanties at the Spurs game in recognition of all she's done to bring this about.

My suggestion would be Pete Frampton's 'You'.

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Worst thing about living in London. Walking around the office with a massive grin on my face wondering why everyone else wasn't sat at their desk F5'ing. Almost like they weren't bothered.


Probably hasn't sank in yet. Even the little things like my 9 year old daughter having the piss ripped out of her turning up on "Heritage Day" at school in a Newcastle shirt in RIchmond being mocked for supporting a shit team by the Chelsea/Manu U/Man City crowd, my uncle giving up his 30 year season ticket because of Ashley, probably the greatest football related day in all of our lives. 


Genuinely don't give a shit now about winning anything, although it would be nice, but the fact that I might during my lifetime be able to say to my daughter that I wasn't bullshitting when I said this is the best team you could ever support if fantastic.


Having played a very very small part in getting rid of Ashley, I'm absolutely delighted. Cans all round.  

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  • Rich changed the title to PIF, PCP, and RB Sports & Media inject a further £38.5M to cover day-to-day running costs (The Athletic)
  • Rich changed the title to PIF, PCP, and RB Sports & Media

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