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9 minutes ago, The Prophet said:


Here's my rap, and I'll be blunt,
My name is Luke, and I'm a cunt,
When this takeover fails, I'll be delighted,
And my son will still love Womanchester United.

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5 hours ago, GWN said:

The trouble with our fan base now is 100% we will wave a few flags and sing the odd nasty song, then sit down and sing" we'll support you ever more"

There will be no break in ,no pitch invasion, no violent acts,nothing against the law, why? They don't want to lose their season tickets 


And the fan base is now part of the problem,  happy to suck it up cos "nee one tells me I can't gan to the match" attitude .

No it's not the fans fault,none of this is, or is it? 

45k plus will rock up v West Ham in their shiny new tops and sit muted .

There will be no rage,  you just know it .


That's because the type of people who would protest stopped going to games about 10 years ago. You are now left with the sheep who are just happy to be in the ground and say they went to the match. 


That said, with the ground being only around 45k full, there's enough space for casual fans to turn up and start kicking off. Only problem would be getting them all in one place. In the past the Evening Chronicle was part of the rallying call. Now it would be down to arranging stuff via social media. 

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Hard fathom that two journalists have sunk this low. Luke's just a spiteful cunt, but Douglas should have just let him have his rant and stepped away. 

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