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Newcastle United vs. Tottenham Hotspur - 17/10/21 @ 4:30pm (Sky Sports)

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12 minutes ago, Fantail Breeze said:


I don’t get what their point is behind this silly idea? :lol: 


Not even sure it’d be possible to get the fake money anywhere near the pitch from L7 too.

Buying fake money from Jeff Bezos to piss off Saudi Arabia. We have truly jumped the shark. 

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Would be great if they had a mass outbreak (obvs hope everyone would be sound) and had to postpone the game, meaning Bruce was sacked next week before his 1000th game. 

Think I would laugh at the desperate bellend non stop for a good few hours. 

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On 13/10/2021 at 13:55, Chicken Dancer said:

Had a quick look at a Spurs forum about their views on the game Sunday. This one is pretty decent :lol:


'Newcastle are wankers. Romantic bullshit of scouse / Sellic proportions without anything to back it up. Shit overrated town full of bright orange women. Seeing them actively celebrate being MBS’s plaything shows what pitiful lowlife they are. Filthy northern scum. Fuck off.

0-4 Sonny hat trick and Gil with a worldie.

Again, fuck off.’


They all seem to want Nuno out ASAP too, and want Kane nowhere near the starting line up. 


I mean this score prediction has gone terribly wrong :lol: 



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