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Changes you'd like the new owners to make

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In order of urgency. 
Get someone with footballing knowledge in to run that part of the club, a DOF. 
Get a new manager and his team in. Focus on the first team. Strengthen in January. 
Stay up this year! 
Get to work on the facilities, the team, academy etc..

2) ………..

3) Profit 

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I would like to see us make a real statement in January. That these owners are really serious about spending some real money, and want to push the club towards the top (eventually).


Just looking forward to a transfer window again :sweetjesus:



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Just now, Beren said:

Has Ashley locked NUFC into a long term deal with Sports Direct with expensive break costs?

Good question, I've been wondering this as well. You'd think they'd have the money just to pay him off rather than have that baggage hanging around.

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It's crazy just how much goodwill they'd get from such basic stuff as tearing down all the SD signage (providing there's no agreements to let that shit run a bit longer) and give the stadium a bit of a wash before next Sunday. 

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- Replace all the players apart from ASM, Almiron, Dubravka, Lascelles, Willock, Wilson and Schar - That's a decent core for at least the mid-term, but the rest are shite

- Build the new team around ASM because he's genuinely fantastic and a joy to watch

- Hire an actual football manager and some coaches who can make the above and their replacements look like functional footballers who know what they're supposed to do on a pitch

- Publicly burn all the SD advertising in a giant skip

- Tidy up the stadium so it doesn't look like a skip that a tornado has blown past

- Upgrade the training facilities so the players aren't literally sitting in fucking wheelie bins

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