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I supported Newcastle when....

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When we got beat off Derby - quite easily - in the only game they won that season, eventually getting relegated with a grand total of 11 points. I was sat behind the goal when Kenny Miller scored. Got back to my car to find I'd got a parking ticket. A relatively early low point in the Ashely regime. Largely downhill from there on in.

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1 hour ago, ponsaelius said:

When the match was delayed because the massive screen Ashley had put up to advertise sports direct was gonna fall off. 

There were so many little things like this from the last 14 years that completely slip your mind. 

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Just now, gbandit said:

When I was at Wallsend Sports centre’s summer camps and Shearer was announced 

I used to love those summer camps.  A massive water fight on the last day. Funnily enough that's where I was one my dad informed me he'd bought me a season ticket in 2001.

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