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Executive appointments


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3 hours ago, peder said:

How is this progress going?

This need to be fixed before the summer, latest.


Well, we were told it wouldn't be sorted until after January and it's now 3 February. I'm concerned.

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1 minute ago, gdm said:

Rumours are he sent inappropriate messages to a female colleague so I wouldn’t get too excited 

Not rumours, it's literally in the official statement. 


Edit: although it's not to one female colleague but several.



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Rough translation:


Overmars: "I am ashamed. Last week I was confronted with reports about my behavior and how this has come across to others. Unfortunately, I did not realize that I had crossed boundaries with this, but that became clear to me these days. I suddenly felt an enormous pressure." 

"I offer my apologies. Especially for someone in my position, this behavior cannot be justified, I now see that too. But too late. I see no other option than to stop at Ajax. This also has a major impact on my private situation. That's why I ask everyone to leave me and my family alone."


Marc Overmars (Emst, 1973) has been the director of football affairs at Ajax since the summer of 2012. Since 1 February 2013, the former top footballer of Ajax, Arsenal and Barcelona, among others, has held this position as a statutory director. He was recently reappointed for a new term, until June 30, 2026.


Supervisory Board chairman Leen Meijaard: "This is a dramatic situation for everyone who is involved in this in any way. It is drastic for the women who had to deal with the behavior. When we heard noises about this, we immediately acted, carefully It was carefully considered and weighed up what was the best thing to do, all in consultation with general manager Edwin van der Sar and assisted by an external expert."


"Marc is probably the best football director that Ajax has had. We have not upgraded and extended his contract for nothing. But unfortunately he has really crossed boundaries, so continuing as director was not an option, he saw that himself. It is very painful I want to express the wish that everyone involved is given the peace and privacy to process this."


General manager Edwin van der Sar: "I think the situation is appalling for everyone and I agree with Leen Meijaard's words. In my role I also feel responsible to help colleagues. A safe working climate is very important for everyone at We will pay even more attention to this in the near future. Marc and I have been playing together since the early 1990s, first at Ajax and then at Orange and we have been colleagues in the management of Ajax for almost ten years now. now stops very abruptly. We are working on something very beautiful here, so this news will also be a blow to everyone who cares about Ajax."

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10 hours ago, Dr Jinx said:

Sending photos of his cock on the company email 😂 

wonder if in the DOF interview with Staveley when she said that's the end of the interview, is there anything else you would like to add for us to consider........that was his response?

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