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5 minutes ago, mattypnufc said:

It’s not exactly the other side of the world like…it’s a 50 min flight. 😂. Well, 15 mins taxi’ing on the runway. 


I know its not far in flight time but it would be a pain in the arse to do twice a week or 5 times a month or whatever its gonna be.

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11 minutes ago, Lazarus said:

Gonna be super difficult to pull off Ten hag and Overmars i think.


Its not just the 2 blokes to bring over, its their families too. Anyone even know if their married with kids or whatever?



Wouldn't that be the same with anyone from abroad ?

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Could this be the leftest of left field appointment? Preparing to accept a short term deal till Rafa or someone else is available?

Gattuso link

Gennaro Gattuso would be willing to accept a short-term deal at Newcastle United, according to Italian journalist Fabio Santini.

Speaking on 7 Gold’s program, Il Processo, via Area Napoli, he said: "Attention: there is a sensational twist for what concerns Mr. Gennaro Gattuso.


"The coach could reach the Premier League at Newcastle.

"The Calabrian coach would also accept a fixed-term contract until the end of the current football season. "


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As we know Rafa is principled, he won't walk away from Everton.


I'd personally want Potter, but i don't think we're looking in that direction. Fonseca, Favre and even Gerrard (OK, possibly a bit to prove yet) are far superior to the buffoon we've had to put up with, along with Carver and Pardew (who i still hate the most) who were just embarrassing and pathetic.


It is strange turning our noses up at managers we would have semi welcomed not so long ago, it's a good feeling like.



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Gattuso sounds like a disaster waiting to happen. Feel like you won't get anywhere in top level management being that volatile. 


Pity Nuno decided to go on a hiding to nothing at Spurs cos I reckon he'd have been a good fit here. 

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I mean, some of the consortiums previous offers included the condition of Rafa being kept on. It's possible Rafa had something to do with selling the place to Staveley. He deserves this and he'd be 4 years ahead of any other manager in terms of a plan and knowing the club and area and fanbase. I can see them trying to move heaven and earth to get him. Whether it happens or not is another matter.

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