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Just now, The Prophet said:

Despite it meaning absolutely nothing, I look forward to the Twitter meltdown when he's in the dugout tonight and denies any knowledge of our interest.


There will be, I actually expect he will be, as his last swansong. Our fans love anything to put a negative stance on things, this after 14 years of Ashley though tbf.

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1 minute ago, Awaymag said:

Got to be better than Bruce throwing the ball in the middle and saying 'let's play'  the pissing off for a kebab 

It will be. No chance of relegation and he'll improve those who want to listen.

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5 minutes ago, Chicken Dancer said:

Didn't realise he actually orchestrated a 22 game unbeaten run early in his first year at Arsenal.


He went 19 games unbeaten shortly after joining Villarreal, too.

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4 minutes ago, Pilko said:


I think the squad as it stands are probably absolutely craving and dying for some detail, organisation and semblance of a proper plan. Two years of "let's play" and getting slapped on the back and fired up before kickoff probably does that.

That Caulkin piece straight after Bruce was sacked said exactly that. That it was nice at first because Rafa was so intense, but then they craved the attention to detail

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4 minutes ago, Rich said:

Just a nod of appreciation to the boy Craig Hope, who posted this back on 14th October. I think this was the first official link:


From what I have heard McParland and Owen Brown are doing a lot of the work behind the scenes on behalf of the consortium so reckon Hope might have a line to them for his info.

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