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Newcastle United 2-3 Tottenham Hotspur - 17/10/21

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Just now, KaKa said:


It's like a training match when we're defending. Sitting incredibly deep and yet applying absolutely no pressure. Just waiting for them to knock another one in. 


It's as clear a sign as you will ever see of absolutely terrible coaching. The players don't really know what they are doing out there at all, either going forward or defensively, just jogging around in a haze.

I don't believe our defenders are THIS bad. Looks like they ALL need binning off though. Unbelievable this is the same group that were the better part of our squad under Rafa. 


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Just now, Dr.Spaceman said:


He's an absolute shit house if he's kicked off about that


He probably didn't know what had just happened and was just asking guys, chill.

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1 minute ago, SiLvOR said:

Bruce just standing there not having a clue


The guy doesn't know what to do man, he never has. It's been like this from his very first game when he had Willems come on in the wrong position. It's been a disaster from day one.

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Just now, toontownman said:

Has Bruce even talked to the players since they came off? The contrast with Nuno speaking to all the players and all our players going to different coaches is bizarre. 



He knows he’s done man. Only here for his 1000th game the wanker. He couldn’t give a shit about the football 

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  • Disco changed the title to Newcastle United 2-3 Tottenham Hotspur - 17/10/21

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