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Yasir Al-Rumayyan

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He looks happy to be here and i hope he makes it a personal goal of his to make us as successful as can be, the man sits on the board of some of the largest organizations in the world and he's not going to accept anything less from himself or from the team managing the club.

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Looks like a boss. Seemed overwhelmingly happy with his reception and equally pissed off with the performance. I have no doubt he'll make it his personal mission to wipe this stain from his record asap. PIF will not want to be associated with a loser team happy on scraps from the table.


BTW, scraps from the table is how Keegan once described a 2nd division side who won a point against Newcastle back in his promotion days. 

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Was a bit downbeat after the game (and all week tbh after it was clear Bruce was staying) but this just brought back the takeover feels



Love it! Now sack that bloated fucker in the dugout



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6 minutes ago, Amir_9 said:

Hosted by the Queen at Windsor today. Must mean Bruce sacked tomorrow then lol






any protestors or vans with billboards outside the palace?

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