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Arsenal 2 - 0 Newcastle United (27/11/2021)

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6 minutes ago, Thomson Mouse said:

We’re playing away to the the team that is 5th. Did you expect the same?

Of course not. But I expected more than thistbh. A higher press and just a bit more of an adventurous outlook. Especially after Tindall’s words in the presser about going there to score and win. 

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I don’t mind the general approach of defence, but the players we have are inevitably going to concede at least 1 or 2 against Arsenal. 

Not sure what the plan with the ball was though, we’ve just been unable to do anything. 

Missing Richie and Lascelles might actually help. 

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4 minutes ago, HTT II said:

Another one in the long long long list of shite performances from NUFC, we have been absolute diabolical, no excuses to play this way.


Think this is a bit harsh tbf.


First half we done what we had to and kept a clean sheet despite the ref stacking the deck against us.  Not saying we've played well but I'm not sure I expected this squad to do much more against Arsenal away :lol: The squad just simply isn't good enough.



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Just now, ManDoon said:

I mean surely Howe must see the analytics with Ritchie? Why is he getting picked 

Only thing I can think is he envitioned him and ASM being able to link up going forward if given a bit freedom or something but just wasn't full aware of how shite his squad was.


Our lineup wasn't setup for 5% possession or whatever daft it's been :lol: 

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