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Newcastle United vs. Norwich City: 30/11/21 @ 19:30 (Live on Amazon Prime)

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11 minutes ago, STM said:

Might be able to shine some light on the Clark inclusion....


I think Howe is really keen on having a left footed centre half on the left and obviously a right footer on the right. It's the same with the full backs, I really can't see Howe ever doing what Rafa did and say putting Manquillo at left back.


If you watch that Bournemouth training video, you can see him working specifically on people receiving the ball with their outside foot and playing it wide etc.


Yal know Clark scores today right. 


Not convinced by that reasoning tbh, I would be more comfortable with going for the better quality player. But hopefully Howe is proven right. 

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4 minutes ago, WarrenBartonCentrePartin said:


Working fine for me through a Sky box. Might be worth rebooting your router?


All good now, haven't had the best experience with prime coverage of live sport so I was all too ready to go off at the slightest blip 😂

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Just now, Bizza said:

All that SD tat is still up then. 


Think I read on here that it was the end of the month? Makes it the last night tonight then, be interesting to see if its still there at the weekend. Either way if its still there for the season fuck it, it'll be gone next season.

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