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Had no electricity for three days- places I can go to work and charge phone.


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Hi hope everyone's well.


Due to the recent storm I've had no electricity, heating or hot water since Friday night.


Supposed to be getting fixed today but they have missed about 10 estimates so far so don't have much confidence.


My works being good about it as I work from home but thinking of places I can go in town or the Metrocentre and work tomorrow.


I don't drink coffee so never been into a Starbucks, Costs coffee etc but I know there's at least one big one in Eldon Square.


If I was to buy regular drinks, would they let me sit there and work all day?


Or is there anywhere better I can go?


Sorry for the stupid question but would appreciate any help.

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You could sit in almost any coffee shop all day and nobody would even notice. 


Costa near the civic centre is very popular with people working, upstairs in Nero Eldon Square as well. Waterstone's cafe Metrocentre, or maybe even the drive-thru Starbucks outside Debenhams area.


You can buy day passes for gyms etc if you fancy a hot shower and a swim or something. Hussle.com sells them, also some gyms do directly. In the NE you can probably get some for under £5 if you look around. 


Hope everything's fixed soon.



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7 minutes ago, neesy111 said:

Lots of pubs have sockets with usb ports in them now.

Sure some buses do. Get a day saver and just ride the 308 all day 😂


I'm sure there's a woman from the assisted accommodation next to me who does just that. Bet you see some right stuff if you just sat at the back people watching all day.


I'd go pub, but then I'd be mortal before lunch and sacked before CoB. 🙈



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