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More transfer rumours


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21 minutes ago, TRon said:


I suppose it depends on who else is in for him though. We know Arsenal are leading the race for Vlahovic, so that's a non-starter, does Kamara have other clubs in for him who might be ahead of us at this point?




Man Utd have been rumoured to be but there's nothing concrete. Same with Villa, Wolves, et al. We'll see, but he isn't unrealistic imo, definitely not as unrealistic as Vlahovic. No chance of getting players like that until we're in and around European positions, nevermind safe from relegation.

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2 hours ago, TRon said:


Not sure why people bother even talking about players like Kamara or Vlahovic, I think we are a year or two from being able to compete for that calibre of  player. 

Vlahovic looks limited anyway. I know he's only young like, but feel like someone is going to stung for £80m or whatever daft it is he's being touted for.

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1 minute ago, Fantail Breeze said:

Ramsey is absolutely not the CM answer. Would play about 3 games and be injured for the rest.


If we bring him in, it would have to be in addition to another competent midfielder.

Kinda feel he’s an alternative to Shelvey. 

agree with you though.

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23 minutes ago, cubaricho said:

Definitely more interested in Alli over Lingard, if there has to be a choice that is. Would prefer having both to be honest.

Lingard by far for me, the exact type of attacking mid we need imo.

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Looked to see what other players shared Wood/Tripp's agent last week, and seems their with a company called CAA Base - who are huge judging from their website and have dozens and dozens of agents working throughout Europe and up and down UK leagues. 


UK based players seem to be quite London centric - a lot of players with links to or back to Spurs especially. 


Wouldn't read too much into anything from foreign based players sharing agents - although wouldn't be a bad thing for us to now gain a reputation of being good to deal with. For years now seems like we've been a black hole when it comes to agents wanting to take their players here, and plenty of other clubs have surpassed us through being able to buddy up with agents to get first dibs on some cracking players, especially from Europe.





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2 minutes ago, DMLeazesender said:

I really don't rate Tarkowski, he's been awful every time I've seen him play (which I admit is not that often) but from what I've seen I really don't see him as an upgrade.

He was good against Arsenal yesterday 


I think he's better than Lascelles and Clark but don't rate him ahead of Fernandez or Schar 


If we get Carlos and Tarkowski that won't be so bad but just Tarkowski would be a tad underwhelming 

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