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Social anxiety meet ups in Newcastle


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I set up an online group last year, specifically for people in or around Newcastle, to meet up if they have issues socially for whatever reason and want to meet like minded understanding people.

Since mar 2021, we've had tonnes of people meet up and most people have been pretty solid. Plenty of mixed folk here, all with different interests.

We've often met up for scran, drinks, pool, even a sporting event.

I've had 100+ people join the discord, and about 15-20 different people meet up in person. No psycho's, everyone class.

Anyone who's social life has been suffering or if you're suffering inside and want to meet up with others who actually give a shit, then join. It's not specifically for social anxiety sufferers, but just those who are suffering socially for what ever reason, or just want to meet new people. It's fine.


We have a discord, link above.

18+ only, most people here are about age 20-35. No cap on age, except adults only. 



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