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Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon (Brazil and Switzerland qualify)

Big River

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1 hour ago, Conjo said:



I mean, if you’re footballing knowledge is limited to European football then I can understand your position. It’s probably not until into the 2000s that European football completely became dominant in club football. 


Taffarel, Dida and Marcos were great goalkeepers who won a lot during their careers. Even Rogerio Ceni was a fantastic goalkeeper. That 2002 set up with Marcos, Dida and Rogerio Ceni is on par with this one. Alisson is probably the standout for me out of the 6 called up for 2002 and the WC now. Ederson is great with his feet, but he doesn’t win many points by himself like Alisson does for Liverpool imo.

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