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Group G: Brazil, Serbia, Switzerland, Cameroon (Brazil and Switzerland qualify)

Big River

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3 minutes ago, LionOfGosforth said:

Not even really sure what Richarlison's actual strengths are. Surely Jesus is by a mile the more in-form player


I think he's massively overrated. I just don't get the hype with him at all. The man was in a relegation scrap six months ago ffs, Jesus should be miles ahead of him in this squad. 



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The thing with international football is it's always more disjointed and lacking in cohesion compared to club football - as you'd expect. However with international tournaments you usually have the tiredness factor after a long season  which plays into more game-breaking mistakes to open things up. That can be a bit of an equaliser.


Feel like the biggest issue with this competition is loads of teams are setting up very negatively (sick to death of seeing 5 at the back) - and having the match fitness and energy to easily implemented these kind of game plans.


I've always thought the Afcon tournaments were often awful to watch. But I think this is playing out very similarly and maybe there's a correlation there.



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